New year

The fireworks displays on New Year’s Eve in Iceland have to be seen to be believed. On this evening, the ban on fireworks is lifted and citizens use the opportunity to the fullest, lighting up the night sky with a massive, brilliant show of blazing colours as far as the eye can see.

For many the beginning of the evening starts with family and friends gathering at home and visit the local bonfire together, for the new years eve 2016-2017 there was 90 bonfires license registered around the country.

Icelanders love shooting fireworks and you will notice that from ca 8 pm people start slowly shooting some fireworks - then everything will be dead calm from 10:30 - 11:30 pm as the whole nation watches an Icelandic TV comic show Áramótaskaupið - "Skaupið" for short, which is an Icelandic satire on the events of the year

6 January is celebrated as the last day of Christmas. The occasion is marked by various fireworks displays and bonfires. after this day using of firework is illegal without a permit.