At the airport

Welcome to Iceland

Getting to and from the airport.

Note that KEF Airport is not in Reykjavik, it´s 50km away and it takes about 40min to travel between.

How to get to and from the airport?

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The Flybus is located right outside the Keflavík International Airport. The bus leaves 35-40 minutes after the arrival of each flight. Passengers should keep an eye on the screen in the terminal to see when the bus leaves or ask for information at the Flybus information desk at the arrival hall. The trip to Reykjavík will take approximately 45 minutes and upon request, the bus will stop at Hotel Viking in Hafnarfjörður and at Aktu Taktu in Garðabær. When reaching Reykjavík our first stop will be the BSÍ Bus Terminal. Transfers are available to all major hotels, the Youth Hostel, Laugardalur camping area and the domestic airport. For these transfers, the driver will ask you to board smaller busses.

Public transportation from Keflavik Airport - Strætó

Bus route nr. 55 at Strætó – Public transportation in Iceland takes you to and from the airport all the way to central Reykjavík (BSÍ – Bus terminal) nine times a day.
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The Airport Express return service between KEF airport and both Reykjavik and Akureyri is operated by Gray Line Iceland. They offer guaranteed departures to Reykjavik 35 - 45 minutes after each scheduled arriving flight and transport to the airport in time for all scheduled flights. There is one departure daily to and from Akureyri, 3 – 7 days a week, depending on season
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VAT Refunds

You can have your value added tax (VAT) refunded at Keflavík Airport at Arion bank wich is located in the arrivals hall of the airport. Passengers are to fetch their refund
before checking in and must be ready to show the goods for which they are claiming a refund. Opening hours match flight schedules.

Rules on VAT refunds

Value added tax (VAT) may be refunded to parties with permanent residence overseas for goods they have bought in Iceland, provided the conditions of the regulation
are met.
Conditions for reimbursement according to regulation are that the purchaser of the goods has permanent residence in a country other than Iceland. As proof of
permanent residence overseas, the purchaser must submit his passport or other ID that provides proof of domicile in another country. Foreigners with permanent
residence in Iceland are not entitled to VAT refunds according to the regulation.
All the following conditions must be met in order to receive a refund.
The purchaser must take the product with him out of the country within three months from the date that the product was purchased.
The purchase price of the item including VAT must be at least ISK 6,000.
The item must be shown together with the requisite documentation on departure.
VAT may be refunded on goods on the same receipt if their total purchase price is ISK 6,000 or more, including VAT, even if one or more items does not reach the
requisite minimum amount.
On departure from Iceland through Keflavík International Airport, the buyer shall present the goods, together with the reimbursement documentation, to the refunding
entity, who will execute the refund, provided that the conditions set in the regulation are met in other respects. The refunding entity may not refund the VAT unless
the buyer can provide adequate evidence of permanent residence overseas.

Few things to keep in mind...
The buyer needs to be a resident of another country
The buyer brings the goods out of the country within three months from the purchase date
The purchase price of the goods with VAT is a minimum of ISK 6,000
The buyer needs to be able to produce the articles at departure
The buyer of the articles is the one daparting

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