Capital region

Greater Reykjavík (Icelandic: Höfuðborgarsvæðið, meaning “The Capital Region”) is a name used collectively for Reykjavík and six municipalities around it.
The area is by far the largest urban area in Iceland. Each municipality has its own elected council.
Greater Reykjavík’s population of 216 940 is over 60% of the population of Iceland, in an area that is only just over 1% of the total size of the country. The size of the greater Reykjavík area is calculated from the area of its constituent municipalities, including large areas of the hinterland, not the much smaller urban core of about 200 km2 (77 sq mi) Municipal governments cooperate extensively in various fields: for example waste policy, shared public transport and a joint fire brigade.

Municipalities :
Reykjavík - The Capital